Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 1 down... 5 more to go....

Scott has made it to Georgia & he's doing so well. He's gotten a 92, 96 & 100 on his exams. He said that its VERY intense, and that his allergies have acted up, but that he's doing okay. Its hard for us to be apart but we're one day shy of week one being over! I'm really proud of him for deciding to try something new. Its so easy for us to stay with what's comfortable & what we know. Our week has been super busy, we went to Ty's Book Fair & Pizza night at school, Dinner at relatives, I had a birthday, & everyone kept us coming & going all week to try to keep our minds off Scott being away. I'm attending a baby shower today, & am looking forward to Tomorrow & being able to stay home & watch conference. Anyhow, that's the scoop... Maybe I'll post pics soon.... its been a while since I did that. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March.... The month of Changes, Technology & the new me....
Well, March has been interesting to say the least... we have invested in Cell phones, yup you read it right... hard to belive I know but we did it... we now have these.
Scott learned how to log into FB (holy cow!) I've lost some wieght.... don't know which is crazier...the cell or this! lol Scott is getting a new job at CSX railroad & will be going to Georgia for training here ....We've never been apart very long :o( I'm heartbroken, but know that this is the right answer to our prayers. We were very unsure of this decision at first & that there will be many challenges along the way, but we now feel that its the right thing for our family, at this point in time.

February.... The month of knitting...

So, maybe its cabin fever setting in, but Feb. was a busy month for my knitting. I started to pick it back up again because its something I really enjoy doing, and I was spending way too much time doing work related things, and putting my personal enjoyment on the back burner. I ended up taking several hat patterns and formulated my own pattern that seemed to work for me. I even ended up selling several. I also had several baby showers to go to, so I got busy with the kneedles and yarn. I really like knitting gifts, hoping that they will one day become heirlooms. We also celebrated Valentines Day. Here is a photo of the box that Ty & I decorated for his Valentines at PreK...

January.... Ty's Birthday & Friends....

Ty turns 5. Can you even STAND it? Here are some photos from his birthday. We all ended up with a terrible stomach bug, so we just ended up having a small cake for him on his birthday and postponing the friend part, but we had a wonderful night celebrating with everyone. It seems like just yesterday that we had him- he has such a personality. and is such a little man. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without the joy that he brings to our family.

Nanette came up for a weekend visit, so we had a get-together at our house. The kids all had a blast playing in the snow & Ginny, Kim, Nanett & I picked right up where we left off. :O) I'm so greatful for these girls!

December....of our family at Christmas.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching up

Well its been forever, and I've had great intentions but as you can see that got me no where, I'm on Facebook just about daily, so I thought why reinvent the wheel, I've taken some of my post and tweeked them a bit- just to update some of you on how we've been... These are older ones so there'll be more to follow, then hopefully I can get back on track sooner or later. :O)
Hope everyone's doing great!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild oooooo:

is taking the night off... i'm going to watch movies with Ty and maybe dust off my knitting needles.... I know what your thinking... its going to be a pretty wild and crazy night in the williams household ....disney movies & knitting~ LOL who knows we might even throw popcorn in the mix ! :O)

Missing Arborday:

wishes I could give Arborday a hug for his birthday... he would have been 65 today- makes me a bit sad to think about it... make sure you tell the people you love how much they mean to you, they could be gone in an instant & never realized how much they were truly loved.

Over doing it... just a little:

its pretty sad when you have so much going on that you email yourself reminders.... yikes!


First Date:

had my first date with Scott 11 years ago at the Redfield old home days, took him to meet the whole family... well. I'm off to serve chicken...Poppy makes the best... I hope to see you all there, its a nice family atmosphere so come on up :O) Hopes everyone comes up to the Redfield Old Home Days... we're going to be selling Chicken BBQ all day Sat & Sunday and its delicious! :O)

Orientation Already??

will be heading out to Ty's orientation in a bit. He's so excited... thank goodness Jolynn reminded me of it yesterday . It would have looked pretty bad if I missed it, concidering I work there... good grief, its not good to have too many irons in the fire all the time... lol :O)

Ty's "Aunt" Jill had already taken him to school w/ her one day since she teaches kindergarten across the hall- so when we got there I think he was a bit nervous to see all of the other ppl. and he told me that he could just wait in the car while I took a look... Scott's taking him the first day- then I'll meet them there- I'm sure tears will be involved... from me of course :O)
September 1 at 9:12pm ·

Words to live by:
if at first you don't succeed, try, try again... this is my new motto... :O)


Yes its August:

I agreed to watch Charlie Brown Christmas with Ty tonight.. I find it amusing. .. as long as I'm snuggled in w/ Ty and some popcorn, I don't care what we watch... too bad Scott can't join in... though I don't think we'd be watching that if he was. :O)

Happy birthday Mr. Williams We love you!
had a whirl wind of a day- but at least Ty & I were able to go see Scott for a bit for his birthday~ he's 35 years young today! :O)

Conway you better watch out...

just had Ty sing me a song... goes something like this.... hello darlin'... nice ta' see ya' its been a long time...... LOL.... :O)

Food Pyramid... what food pyramid?

is letting Ty have pie for breakfast... it contains fruit... so its okay right??? :O)
August 22 at 10:52am

Provident Living: Love it!

loves being so self relient.. but holy cow I'm up to my eyeballs in produce- shredding zucchini, boiling beets, cutting corn off the cob to freeze, cooking rhudabega (if I even spelled it right) pro
cessing peaches & don't forget the tomatoes :O) I think we'll have a BLT for dinner.
August 20 at 3:19pm

Write millions of peaches... peaches for me.... peaches come in a can... they were put there by a man, in a factory doooooooooooooown town. Can you tell what I'll be canning for while? :O)
August 17 at 4:34pm

Awww.... .

I realized what a great big brother Ty would be tonight as I got to snuggle my newest nephew... poor Liam didn't have a chance! Aunt Adja took over and got her baby fix... Ty's got it in his head that we're going to have a "boy baby and a girl baby" someday & I didn't have the heart to break it to him ... anyone know I could find a couple? Just Kidding... :O)See More
August 15 at 8:15pm

So nice:
Its beautiful outside- just a touch of fall in the air... Its nice to have Scott home on a Saturday morning too... These new hours are working out well for us, and tonight - we're going on our date to celebrate our anniversary- its only been since Valentine's since the last one, I think we're due. :O)
August 14 at 8:47am

Our favorite things... kindof like Oprah, only simpler!

Is thinking its going to be a movie & popcorn kind of a night :O)
August 13 at 4:53pm

Turning the "Me to We"

Mrs. Williams 8 years ago today... It’s truly amazing how love can overcome so many things. We've been through so many obstacles together but I wouldn't want anyone else supporting me through it all. Scott is truly amazing and he's given me more than I ever thought was possible. Happy Anniversary Mr. Williams~ here’s to many more! :O)
August 10 at 2:07pm

Time to clean out?

I found medicine in the bathroom cabinet last night that I haven't taken in about 8 yrs.. you know what this means.... I moved it from Blossvale, to Florence, to Blossvale (again) and to Redfield- good grief... Its time to hoe out!!!! :O)
July 30 at 7:05pm

what a keeper:

came home not feeling well. Ty's so sweet... he just went and picked me flowers :O)
July 27 at 10:57am

Mother's Intution... Belive it...

There is something about a mother's intuition- I felt like Ty was going to get sick and that he hadn't been in a while... sure enough he now has a temp of 102 - suppose there's something to listening to your gut.
July 24 at 10:34pm

HGTV... take me away... you know instead of Calgon. lol

love for someone to come reorganize and decorate my house- like one of those shows on HGTV- but since I have about 0% chance of that happening. I'll keep plugging along. It a nice rainy day to do it :O)
July 24 at 10:21am

Blueberry picking:

Each year we go picking berries, its usally Ty, Poppy, Aunt Jude & me... I started when I was expecting Ty and ever since he's gone along... when he was little I'd put him in the stroller and he'd reach for the bush and just eat away - he LOVES them needless to say I can't quit eating these stinkin' blueberries & all I can think of is... "your turning Violet, Violet" :O) We might have to go picking again!
July 21 at 4:50pm

Stop to smell the Roses:

Came home and took a nap, which is something I never do, now I'm on the porch enjoying the beautiful weather & watching Ty ride his wheeler while Scott works out. I Didn't get anything too productive done and its almost Monday again... but who cares :O)
July 18 at 6:20pm

Blond moment???

I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and spraying my hair when all of the sudden I thought to my self huh, it smells like Scott in here when I finished spraying the daylights out of my hair I realize that I'd just did it with his deorderant not my hairspray, needless to say I shouldn't have an trouble w/ BO t...oday. I think I need to start going to bed just a wee bit earlier :O) I hope you laughed I sure did.See More
July 16 at 6:54am


I'm so sad that about heading back to work tomorrow.... what a great week we had. Ty wants to know when our next "baycation will be cause he likes when mommy watches him" .... did I mention how much I love that kid? :O)
July 11 at 5:56pm

Favorite Scripture:

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: ecclesiastes 3:1-8 :o)
July 10 at 10:50am

Liam Anthony is on his way-

it looks like I might be an aunt again today... Josie Posie is in Oneida :O)
July 9 at 8:51am

Lunch & a Bargin... what a day!

Had lunch at the Franklin today with a dear friend, then went to Khols.. listen to this ... I SAVED $182 and spent $25, I did have $44 of store credit, but even still that's not too shabby :O) The lady behind me in line was stunned... she said "Did you only just pay $25!" Part of me actually felt guilty buying a few things... but then I thought twice about it... and for that price I couldn't go wrong- my things are so old even the Salvation army wouldn't want them... it was about time :o)
I thought it was totally impressive... the secret... I had Khol's cash to spend since I made purchases the other day... so I had "free" money to spend, plus the $44 in store credit- becuase I had to return a few things tha...t were too big (go figure) then I had a $5 off and a 15% off everything- plus everything I bought was totally on sale, I had some shirts that wer only $2 the most "expensive" shirts were 6.99 and a pair of jeans that were $21 they were org. $45- I felt so smart- and like I pulled one over on someone, but I was totally legit. :O)
July 7 at 6:20pm


We spent a lovely, totally relaxing week off & stayed home & at the creek it was awesome, We fished, read, did whatever we wanted... can't wait till next time :O)
July 2 at 5:25pm

Random Dreams

Do you ever wake up and think to yourself.... where did that dream come from... I dream of the most bizarr and random things & people, at least its always interesting though, I'm never bored when I sleep.. :O)
June 26 at 9:04am


Misses Scott- We've both been coming and going like two ships passing in the night this week. I did get to see him while he brought my spare keys to me... locking the keys in the car wasn't any fun, but hey, at least I was able to see him for a moment.
June 24 at 6:49pm

Rainy Day:

Thinks today would be a great day to stay home and snuggle in with a good book, but that's not in the cards today- Have a great day everyone.
June 24 at 5:57am

To the Penny:

finds it slightly amusing that years ago we never even bothered to balanced our checkbook... now, I get irritated over it being off a penny... one stinkin' penny... do you think I can find it.... I suppose that's being a bit of a perfectionist. :o)
June 15 at 4:30pm


ladies & gentleman, what I need is a vacation.... I just answered my phone " Camden Scho...." before I realized its Saturday, I'm home and I can simply say "hello" when my sister calls... needless to say she had a good laugh, as did I. :O)
June 5 at 12:11pm

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question:

Okay I'm pretty sure that this isn't the song that I want Ty singing... but then again, he is making his daddy proud... " Rain makes corn, corn makes wiskey, wiskey makes my baby, feel a little frinsky" :O) Not exactly a typical song a four year old might sing... I loved how he said FRIN-Skay though... such a cutie!
June 3 at 5:01pm

Yes, I'm a girl:

Ty's having a tantrum...I'm ignoring him and he says "Mommy... I'm going to call you a little girl" LOL - I bet the neighbors think I'm killing him the way he's screaming- The weekend of staying up late is catching up to him- Lucky me. :O)
June 1 at 7:06pm

Rooster... what rooster... we have Turkeys!!!

Woke up to a turkey calling its ever- livin- head off RIGHT ouside our window... (for a minute I thought it was Scott trying to get one before work)- The birds are happily cherping, the geese are in the front yard by the pond w/ their newest arrivals & I feel like I live in the Wild Kingdom. LOL :O)
May 29 at 7:32am

Ty's growing up--- One more milestone-- Bike riding with out training wheels!!!

I didn't know whether to cheer or cry as I watched Ty ride his bike w/o training wheels... I must have been a late bloomer- I didn't realize that it was time... this is all going much too fast-
May 26 at 6:03am


wishes I was as coordinated as the man I saw riding his bike down 69 w/ no hands... but wait, it gets better... he was texting... if I attempted that I'd be in a body cast. :O)
May 21 at 6:23am

Fridge: Wrong profession??

Should forget any thought of becoming a teacher... I should become a refridgerator repair man... $76 for the 1st half hour $16 for every 15min there after... just evaluating my options. :o)
May 18 at 3:21pm

AHHH... Fresh Country air:

Call me a country girl- but I think freshly plowed fields look beautiful.. :O)
May 16 at 3:19pm

Mothers Day:

Is greatful for my miracle... for answered prayers and that Mother's Day isn't a day I cry sad tears for anymore.
May 9 at 7:24pm

Ty's Turtle:

The Turtle has been found... I don't know how... must have been divine intervevention... :O)
May 8 at 10:06am

has a turtle the size of a silver dollar missing in action somewhere in my house... might as well be a needle in a hay stack... that should smell REAL good in a week or so!
May 7 at 4:37pm

what do you feed a turtle? Scott brought one home the size of a silver dollar that was roaming around in their parkng lot for Ty- we tried a few things &Ty said maybe the bugs are too big for his dinner & that I should cut them up for it. I'm drawing a line there people I refuse to become a personal chef to a turtle- ...We're trying to talk him into putting it in our pond.... :O)See More
May 7 at 6:17am

Allergic Reaction:

Is home with Ty for a bit... maybe the day depends on the Dr.'s apt... he's having an allergic reaction- Poor kid :o(
Yeah, it was a Blackfly- he woke up w/ both eyes swollen shut- it was pretty severe- they did bloodwork and put him on prednisone for 5 days. He's getting tons better though. :o)

Logs, logs everywhere!

Wishes I had a magic wand so that the the load of logs sitting in our driveway was cut and stacked... poor Scott, he works so hard then has to spend all night doing that.
April 20 at 7:43pm

Child Abuser...

A conversation Ty & I had the other day... Me: "Ty, if you do that one more time I'm going to PUNISH you." TY: "No you won't 'cause that's hitting, and hitting is bad"... Apparently he confused Punish with Punch... Thank goodness he's not in school, that's all I'd need is for him to go around telling ppl I punched instead of punished him. :O) It made me chuckle, hope it did you too.See More
April 16 at 8:16am

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Don't tell Scott but I think I actually like getting up super early... leaves a bit of "me" time in the morning... Have a nice day everyone
April 14 at 6:25am

Ah Ha Moment:

Is slowly learning that my life isn't about pleasing others.... took me 30 years to learn it... probably another 30 to perfect it. I'll get there. :O)
April 12 at

Movie Night/ "Bad" Dream

Watched the Blindside with Scott last night... what a great movie! then I had a bad dream that my soon to be piano got here & was an organ... who besides myself would have a bad dream about a darn piano? :O)
April 12

New Floors:

Our new floor is nearly complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm a bit excited :O)

Adja Turns 30 !!!

Is excited for my date tonight with Scott for my birthday... to think... I'm going to stay up and
out past 10... do you think I'll turn into a pumpkin? :O) We went to see riverdance at the Stanley in Utica.

April 8 at 5:00pm

I found a piano! :O) The only bad thing is that its almost 2 hrs away and weighs a ton. One of my "now that I'm 30 goals" is almost ready to be checked off :O)
April 6 at 7:16pm

Ribbit Ribbit... well sorta:

Heard the peepers last night... they're my favorite :O)
April 2 at 12:29pm

Birthday Celebration:

Had a great night with Scott & Ty :o) Ty's too cute... he's more excited about my birthday coming than I am... cute little duffer is counting down the days & told me that I needed to take him to Kinney's so he could get me a "big funny card, so I can be surprised" man I love that kid... his daddy's not to bad either. :O)
March 29 at 8:31pm

Orkin Man:

Its spring... you know wha that means - We're being over run by LaDy bUgS where are they all coming from??? :o)
March 23 at 8:25pm

My way of thinking like it or not:

I think you shouldn't spend money you don't have... that's all I have to say about that! :O)

March 22 at 5:27pm

Do, Re, Mi, Fa,Sol, La, Ti, Do

So today I learned singing should only be done alone in the car or shower... It sounds better that way.... I had major flash backs of high school today... man I wish I wan't such a wuss... (is that how you spell it? ) anyhow... you get my point. :O) I was asked to play Adi in the The 10 Virgins play, it is absoulutely beautiful and well, since I can't say no, I said yes, thinking it would be good for me to overscome my fears of singing and improve my talent... so I don't loose it... well, needless to say it didn't work, I totally clammed up- and sounded like an injured animal. Darn it... maybe in my next 30 years???? Hey isn't there a country song about things like this LOL
March 20 at 8:19pm ___________________________________________________________________

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Update

Well, it seems like forever since I've posted anything. So, where to start. We had nice holiday; we actually all had colds in different stages so we didn't wind up attending all the family obligations. It was disappointing not to see everyone, but we're hoping to catch up after all the hussle & bussle of the holidays quiets down and we are all better.

For those of you who have been wondering about Scott getting the Sheriff's position, we ended up getting the answer Christmas eve. We arrived home about 10:30 at night only to check our mail and discover that Scott had a "no" letter waiting for him. We were stunned since it seemed all along that he was being encouraged along the way & that he had been the investigators first choice- he then submitted all of his names to his superior and something just wasn't meant to be. Like I said we were disappointed, but are trying to keep the mindset that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps we are being spared from something awful. You just never know about unanswered prayers. It seems like work is picking up for him at the Sawmill, which is wonderful, and although his employers was sad for him- they were so happy not to lose him there.
Ty is doing well. He's getting so big. He's been cracking me up with some of the things he's said lately.
We gave him gum to chew on the way to church, and he said...

Ty- I swallowed my gum
Us- Why- you shouldn't do that
Ty- Well, I kept chewing and chewing and it wouldn't go away, so I just swallowed it.

We laughed... Thinking about it, no one ever explained to him that gum is just for chewing and won't go away. I suppose he thought it was like any other food.

Here's a couple more.
Me- Ty I love you all the way to the moon and back
Ty- I love you all the way to the mountains.
(That just melted my heart. )

Every Sunday our Bishop at church passes our Tootsie Pops to the kids, Ty went to get one last week - Which we call Fast Sunday- for those of you who don't know; its where we skip 2 meals and contribute the price of those meals to the needy- Well, the kids don't really do that, but they go with out the extras... like tootie pops that week. So, when Ty returned to me after not getting his tootsie pop he said, "I can't have one, its quarter to Sunday". I suppose he doesn't understand the difference between Fast Sunday & time :O)

He also has grown right up and has started Primary at church. He's been in the Nursery... its for children 18 mo to 3 and since he's almost 4 holy cow!!! He gets to move up into Primary and be in my Sunbeam class. He was super excited and for Christmas we even bought him new shirts and a couple ties so he can be "like daddy" here is a picture... I just love it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A change.

I've been thinking to myself that I need a new start, I began thinking this way before my surgery and razzing Scott a bit that while I was in surgery he could feel free to go get my "new start ring" aka anniversary band. We've been married 7 years & together 10 and boy oh boy have we been through a lot. I was looking at this surgery & the past 10 years as an end to one chapter and the start of another. Many of the past 10 weren't how I would have planned things but he "new" me is thinking that it is what it is & I need to move on & make the best out of the next 10. I really am a visual person & thought that 10 yrs is significant & that wearing a ring would be neat. I also thought that when I felt down, sad, less than worthy of happiness I could look down at it and remember that I have all I truly need in life; someone who has stood by my side, who has for some reason chosen to love me like I can't love myself, a wonderful son; who blesses me each day with his grins & giggles; true friends & my faith. So with all that how could I fail right?

So are you wondering if Scott got my ring. Well the answer is uh No, Maybe we'll get on our feet a bit more then I'll have my ring. I just told him we could keep saving longer & maybe I can get BIGGER Diamonds. :O) Plus, we have time for that.... the true thought is that I still have all of those things in my life & if I really wanted to I could put a rubberband around my wrist & it wouldn't change any of the blessings I have, no more than a ring would.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, I really do feel like I need a change. The biggest being my wieght. I know that most of us feel like it would be wonderful to loose a few pounds but I am now 70 over weight... isn't that great. I'd like to loose 50. I'm trying to figure out how I got this way this is what I can think of...

1. I love/care for everyone else but myself.

2. I love to cook & eat

3. I am an emotional person & eater- if Im bored I eat, sad I eat, happy I eat... you get the point.

4. I lack ambition & know how

5. I think I was sad & depressed & didn't know how to get out of it.

6. I get discouraged easily.

7. I have hobbies that aren't active enough, reading, knitting, FB, Blogging... you name it.

8. I don't make time, & I don't use my time wisely (like now I'm writing about it instead of doing it)

9. I hold myself back

10. I don't know enough about nutrition. Fat/calories/ carbs... how to count them... blah, blah, blah

Now here are some reasons that I need to become healthy

1. The Lord has blessed me with Ty & I need to be an example. He learns from me.

2. I need to realize that I am worth it.

3. I need to learn to make myself as much as of a priority or I won't be here for my family

4. I don't want to be sick, have back aches, diabetes, etc... & that will happen if I don't take care
of myself.

5. I would love to run, I don't know how, I look funny doing it... but I think it would be absolutely amazing if I could run a 5k someday.... but for now I'd be happy with a mile... shoot... for now I'd be happy with a 1/2 mile. :O)

6. I need to live in the present... there is nothing I can do about the past. Its gone & the future isn't here, I need to be present in today, not what should have been or what can be, what is... because today is all we are guaranteed... ( wow... that sounds good. huh? )

7. I don't want to let Scott down by dying much too young simply because I wouldn't love myself enough to make sure I was here to grow old with him.

Well, that's it for now. I need to rethink the way I think, then maybe it will all fall into place, I'm hoping to take baby steps. I have nothing to loose...well... actually I do... 50 of 'em. :O)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apple picking

I think that one great blessing of living in New York is that we get to go apple picking each year. It is awesome! Ty and I went with my Uncle Keith aka Poppy & Aunt Judy. This is the third year that we've gone with them to a really neat orchard about a half hour from where we live. We picked 3 1/2 bushels of Ida Red apples and the really great part is that it only cost $24.00. We got an Awesome bargin & a great time rolled into one. Here are a few pictures of my favorite apple picker... And a Bonus photos of Ty & Paisley & I after we returned home.

Now I'll be busy making applesause & canning. I'm so EXCITED. :O)

Ps... the date is all wrong. I really need a new camera!

He was such a good help, he carried the bag for me. What a little gentleman!

Ty & Paisley

A more recent picture of me... since all these are so outdated. I went back to bangs... first time in over 10 yrs... Ahhhhhhhh. So. the big question is ... do I look 19 again.

Maybe you'd better not answer that. :O)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well I'm not quite sure what to talk about, but I feel like I should update, so I guess I'll just ramble on & let the spirit move me. The first thing that comes to mind is my surgery. It went well. I suppose I'll fill you in on that. We stayed in Blossvale at Scott's mothers so that we could leave from there instead of home. I was up super early, and just anxious to get the whole thing over & done with. We arrived at the hospital & Scott dropped me off at the registration door so that I could let them know I was there & he could park the car. I made it to the desk and the lady asked my name & I had such a lump in my throat that I couldn't speak.... It was one of those if I talk I'm going to cry moments; so I just looked at her until I cried... great huh? By that time Scott was there. I checked in was escorted to my room. I went to the 3rd Floor. That's also Labor & Delivery. They proceeded to take me to my room, which happened to be the exact room that I requested I not be in. It was right next to the the nursery & where the glass was so that everyone could look at the new arrivals. Now, not to sound rude but I just didn't want to witness this after just waking up from a hysterectomy that I wasn't thrilled about having. I had a few thing that needed to be done, IV etc. That was a ball of "Fun" too. You'd think after having 8 previous surgeries that I would be a pro... well I told the nurse that my IV needed to go in the top of my left hand, and explained that they've had a very difficult/ impossible time getting them started anywhere else. She on the other hand thought I had "GREAT veins" and that she could get it on my forearm where it wouldn't "hurt". So, being the push over that I am, I agreed to let her try. Well that was a huge mistake, I was right. She hit a valve in my arm & couldn't go any farther, she wiggled it around etc. ect. to the point that I nearly tore Scott's hand off & he even said "OOOO" "Uhhhh" as he was watching her. After a few minutes of "Don't cry hunny, I'm almost done" She reluctantly went to my left hand where it easily went in the first time. I hate to say "I told you so".
There was Nurses manager that came in to introduce herself. She was great, and she promptly said. "Mrs. Williams, I've looked at your chart & you will be moved to another room when you return from surgery". That made me feel like someone noticed. I told her that it wasn't a big deal now, that I was already here but she said the change would be made.
Soon after Scott accompanied me down stairs where we said our goodbye & I was on my way.
The surgery went as planned, I woke up in a new room, to find my mother, sister & Scott all relieved that I was alright. They moved me as far as they could from the nursery, I was actually in Pediatrics & there was a boy next door who had just had surgery too, it was heart wrenching to hear him call for his mother. He sounded just like Ty. A few hours later the nurse came to me & said that pediatrics was admitting a lot of children and that they'd need my room, so they asked if I minded going back to the first room- at that point I really didn't mind. I figured if that little boy was tough enough to go through surgery I could suck it up & stay in that room . I stayed that night & was released the next day. My recovery has been pretty well. I thought that it was weird that I actually went into the hospital in more pain that I came out with or that I've had since. I was so grateful for the ladies from church that brought dinner or came for a visit. I saw the Dr. for my 2 week follow up & he said that thing were going well. So, for now I'm just taking it easy & enjoying my next couple of weeks off with Ty. It seems to be going by faster than I thought it would.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween/ Fall Fun

Halloween... well that was interesting. It almost didn't happen in our home. To start things off, Ty at the last possible minute decided that he was going to be a cowboy. I thought that he was going to be a fireman again & just wear last years costume. I know that probably sounds like some sort of child abuse to many folks, however after just having surgery & really not being able to do a whole heck of alot yet; I thought that recycling last years costume was a terrific idea. But I suppose Ty, like all 3 year olds had other ideas. So I do what any good mother would do and say "Uhhhhh... Okay.... Mommy will make you be a cowboy" when inside I was thinking " am I going to pull this one off." My next thought is Oh wait this might not be too bad, he has jeans, cowboys wear jeans, he has a chamois shirt, that will work... cowboy boots... nope. well... no one would notice right? I then think a cowboy needs Chaps, I don't happen to have a ton of extra leather laying around so I go to the next best thing. My closet. I knew that I had a brown cordoroy shirt, that just might work. I get the shirt, get the sciorrs, & get to work. I also found a brownish hand-me-down T-shirt that Ty hadn't worn yet, so that got the scicorrs too (because every cowboy needs a vest). I lined the chaps with some denim fabric I had and went to work. The next call was to my cousins, they have 3 boys & I knew that'd be able to help. The offered a bandana, holster, a "six shooter" and a long gun. We added a cowboy hat that Scott had a ta-da... we had oursleves a genuine, authentic looking cowboy. I think all and all it turned out way better than I had orginally thought it would & I had a happy boy on my hands. I have a feeling that Ty will be getting lot of use out of this outfit.

Here is a fall photo too. My family came up for a visit & were nice enough to take Ty out to play in the leaves. I managed to get out there and capture a few moments.
This one of Ty is my favorite.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The great Pumpkins....

Here are a few pictures of us carving pumpkins for Halloween.

Ty & Scott removing the tops.

Ty & I. He wanted to make silly faces. He held me so tight it hurt. I could just eat him up. :o)

Scott took his job VeRy sIerOusLy

Like Father like Son. This didn't look so dangerous when I was taking the picture... hine sight is 20/20.

The finished Product.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The investigator....

Picture it, you're home on your day off, hair & makeup undone (not that I ever go overboard in that department), laundry is in the process of being sorted, washed, folded & put away, and you hear a knock at the door. At first I thought I was hearing things, it was at the breeze way door via the garage, and anyone that know us that comes in that door usually knocks & comes right in. So I ignored it thinking a family member would be strolling through at any moment. Anyone else would use the front door, which was open right? Wrong. Ty yells "Mommy someone is here" So I rush to the door to discover a gentleman in a suit. He was alone so I knew he wasn't a new Missionary. :o)
He says hello, introduces himself & then says you must be "A..." I say "Adja" then he said and this must be Ty. Its pretty rare to have a perfect stranger come to the door and already know the names of your family members. It then dawned on me that he was the investigator from the

Sheriff's Department.

He wondered if I had a moment, so I invite him into through my breeze way AKA laundry area and into the kitchen. Apologizing all the way. I explained that I was having surgery the next day & was trying to prepare the house & get everything accomplished that I would be unable to do for the next few weeks. He was gracious & said that it was no problem at all & that the house really was finethat "he'd seen much worse" I must admit that it really wasn't that bad, but its always the case to have a stranger stop by completely unannounced & you be completely unprepared. I think they plan it that way. He drove nearly an hour to get here not even knowing if I was home. But I suppose investigators don't call ahead. :0)

He asked me if I was supportive of Scott & his decision to become a sheriff & if I understood that there would be many days, night, holidays etc. that our family would be without him. He even asked if I was prepared or given any thought that he might not come home at all someday. Talk about a speechless moment. I think I passed the test though, as I gave him the best & only answer that I could think of ... that no one is really prepared to loose a spouse at an early age or unexpectedly, but yes, that I understand that "could" happen. I also explained that if Scott gets the position that I won't deny that it will be a HUGE adjustment for our family. Right now he home everyday around the same time, home each night for dinner, bedtime etc. But that we are supporting Scott because this is something he really wants. He isn't doing it for the pay- he makes about the same now- or the insurance- I carry it at work, but he has a real desire to do this. If that is what Scott wants then I am supportive of that, and even though it will require alot from our family we are willing to do that for him. Its called Sacrifice. He nodded & seemed to think that I had the right attitude. He's pleased with Scott and said that he was going to continue the background investigation & hopefully Scott would be placed near the top of the list. I told him that it was nice to see Scott Aka Mr. Calm & Collect actually be excited about something. Scott is about as mellow as they come & I'm the emotional one (no laughing please) :O)
Anyhow I'm excited that things seem to be rolling along for him. Keep your fingers crossed & I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pre Op

A big dose of reality hit yesterday, you'd think that it would have come along time before this but apparently that isn't the way that my brain works. Scott & Ty went along and waited most ot the day. I had to go to an appointment at the doctors office then head over to the hospital for pre-admissions testing. The nurse was so kind. She walked me through what to expect & that's were I got a bit chocked up (of course) I've had months & even years to get a grip & yet I deny reality until that that moment. She said how they would do a few things then get me on the stretcher, cover my hair with the cap & they'd give me a chance to say goodbye to Scott, that's when I lost it. I'm such a visual person, so I instantly pictured it all & it was like watching a Lifetime movie :o)
The day will start super early. We have to be at the hospital at 5:45 that morning (we'll have to leave our house about 5:00 to be there on time), then they'll send me up to my room & begin my IV/ antibiotics etc. The surgery will start about 7:45 & take about 2 hours, then I'll be in the recovery room for a while, & then I'll be back in my room. They said that I'll have to spend the night & start eating the next morning, I have to keep something down & be able to manage my pain before they'll send me home.

Anyhow, I have tons of things to do before Thursday, so I better get at it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well, I haven't told very many people, but I'm going to be having surgery on October 15 & its coming up fast. Soon after having Ty my OBGYN told me that I would need to have a complete hysterectomy & to give her a call when I was ready. I went in mid August, for my routine exam that I've been putting off for some time. I think it was because in my heart of hearts I knew what would happen, hence me putting off my apt. It was such a hard decision that I couldn't bring myself to make. So in I stroll to my apt. I happened to see my old Dr. there (another one in the practice) He didn't mess around. I told him what had been going on, & he put everyone into action. He had is Tech stay through her lunch to scan me only to find me full of things that shouldn't be going on. A cyst, fluid, an inflammed tube, endometriosis...etc. etc....... the usual story. My right ovary has decided it wasn't needed any longer & has started to shrink. The doctor described it as dying inside & abnormally small. Perhaps that is why I've consistantantly gained weight & had other issues going on. After he tells me all this , he walks me into his nurse that schedules surgeries & says that pretty much enough is enough & that its time to do the hysterectomy. They wanted to do it the next week, but I put it off as late as I could so so that I can give myself time to grieve. It really sucks when you've been given this body to be a steward over & you can't decide how it works, or what parts to keep... if that makes any sense. I was so down about it, so just plain angry & mad, sad... the works. I suppose it just doesn't seem fair, to be so young & have everything together yet have no control. We went through so many failed IVF attempts before we were blessed w/ Ty, & what seems cruel is that we were thinking we'd try it again... Just so I could tell myself that I did everything I could. It seems like a cruel joke or something. I suppose it is a blessing though considering my ovary wouldn't have produced follicles & our changes would be that much less. My mother in law told me that I should be grateful, that I have Ty & he's more than most people have, I know this, but I feel like someone is dangling a candy bar in front of me saying... you had a bite of this... it was good huh? well... now you can just look at other people enjoying it. I hope that doesn't sound awful. I'm so afraid of waking up after the surgery & feeling such a loss, & trying to show everyone else around me that I'm "OK" & not sad. I just don't think it will happen like that. But anyhow, I'm gearing up now for next Thursday... I've made a list of things that I'd like to try & get done, since I'll be out of work for about 6 weeks & not able to do very many things & really am grateful for all of my blessings. I know that I have many friends & family that will help me through what will be a difficult time. Anyhow I'll keep you all posted.


Ty at the Creek... it was freezing & he wanted to be in the water. Brrrrrrrrrrrr...

Ty in the Garden.

Being silly...

Scott's Interview

Scott had his interview on Friday, he was so excited... which is always neat, since he doesn't get excited about very many things. The investigator told him that it looked pretty good for him & that now the background check begins. He'd start the academy in January, so its certainly one step closer. I really hope that it works out for him, I know that it something that he wants so badly. I'll be a nervous wreck, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Anyhow, keep your fingers crossed for him I'll be sure to keep you all posted. :o)

Monday, July 27, 2009


There are just a couple of snapshots. Ty has been doing so well with his new glasses. It definatley took some getting used to but now he's doing great. We decided to take a picture of Ty & mommy sporting their frames.

The other one is Scott & Ty being goofey after dinner. Scott's giving him his famous Bear hug. (that's why his faces is so cheesy!)
Please forgive me for the date being all wacky! The batteries are constantly dying & the date wasn't reset. :o)

Congrats Scott!

I am so excited to announce that Scott got back his score.... he got an 80% which means that before long he might be working for the....
Ty & I are so proud of him.
He'll be notified within the next couple of months to begin the next phase; which will be the endurance, drug & psychological test.
We'll be sure to keep you posted.
Cross your fingers for us!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ty's new look....

Ty's has glasses. This was quite an adventure!(I imagine it will continue to be) Since I work for Dr. Poulin I knew that Ty needed to be seen for his eye exam at age 1, 3 & 5. Well, I needed to have mine done as well so off we went. Much to our surprise Ty's initial exam came back showing that he would wind up needing glasses. His prescription is quite high, when we got into the exam room Ty decided that he didn't need Dr. Poulin to examine his eyes so, Scott took him in two days later for a follow up. Much to my chagrin Ty sat like an angel with his Daddy & let the doctor do everything needed to confirm that he did in fact have a pretty high prescription that needed attention. My heart felt so sad that my little guy who seemed to have perfect vision needed them. I almost felt like I was neglectful for not noticing something sooner. On the bright side, we caught the problem early enough, which was great because usually by his age his eye would have begun to cross & gone lazy. I feel like we really are blessed to have caught it soon enough that that isn't a concern. Dr. Poulin also said that it was good that we caught it before Ty started school, since the condition he hasn't wouldn't have been detected by a school nurse & would have manifested itself by Ty being a poor reader. So.... here is his new look... still cute as can be. Don't let the smile fool you, he'd had them for about 10 mins. when this photo was taken. He's now realized that he doesn't love wearing them, but he'll get there. :o)
This is a picture of Sabrina & Scott's sister Jodi at a family BBQ....
Aren't the beautiful? :o)

I love this picture... it looks so fun. Just one of those real candid moments where
all seems right in the world.

Ty & his Breena taking a spin!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ordinary Days....

Wow. I'm actually writing alot lately. Today I just want the world to know that I am greatful for ordinary days, because it can change all too quickly. A friend of mine found out that her 2 1/2 year old neice was diagnosed with cancer, her poor family just thought that she had a stomach bug of sorts.... its stage 4 and all through her. So sad. Ty is just 6months older than her. At what point is it that you look at your children & say ahh.... it okay, your a healthy happy child & you will grow up to be a happy healthy adult, then suddenly as you can snap your fingers it changes.

Then today I get the news that a co-worker of mine from Dr. Poulin's passed away. He was in his early 50's & had a heart attack on his way in to work. He was such a super person... really nice, fun, always smiling.
I can't imagine, starting out my day... getting ready for work... rushing out the door & dying alone on the way. Its tragic, but we all do it. We rush here, rush there, are sure that we'll return to the same monotonous day later & take it all for granted. Its like some sort of false sence of security that we all fake. We hurry out, becuase something else takes precedence, which is fine... that's part of life, but really, I think we all take for granted that things will be the same when we get back. I'm greatful for my family, for the fact that in my head I've decided that I will not die alone in my car, on my way to work. I am greatful that I have ordinary days, where life isn't constantly crazy, that it is in a sense Ground hogs day... & we repeat the same old same old... because someday, whether we choose to believe it or not, it won't be. I am the first to admit that I hate change, though lately its dawning on me that I have to get used to it. Change is inevitable, whether I like it or not. So I might as well, not take this life I have for granted.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To work or not to work.... that is the question

So, ordinarily I don't post this much, but since Ty is napping (I hope) & I had something on my mind, I thought I would... besides this is my "journal" right?

Anyhow... I got called into the office yesterday, my boss has pretty much stated that she wants me to go full time. She's pleased with my work, and could really used my help etc..... For most people this probably would be a great thing, especially since work is so hard to come by for so many people. But... for me its a bit harder than that. I'm not so sure that I could handle it. I sound like a bit of a baby, but I haven't worked full time since Scott & I were married nearly 7 years ago. On top of that, with all that I went through to have Ty I know that I need to treasure the time that I have to spend time with him. There are perks to going a full 40 hours though, Great insurance, better retirement, more money coming into the house which will help us immensely. I just am worried about the toll it will take on my family. I'm not so sure how Ty would handle being with a sitter that often. I feel like until Scott's job situation stabilizes that this might be the blessing we've been waiting for, though I'm concerned that it could also be a test to see which I'll choose, work or family. Until now, I've felt that working part time was really the best of both worlds. I deal horribly with change, but am afraid that its an opportunity that i can't afford to pass up right now. The good thing is, it wouldn't begin until August, so that will leave me most of the summer (a month and a half) to spend with Ty.

I really feel as though I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. It would be great if this change were to happen next year, when Ty would begin Pre-K for half of the day, but that's not the case.

I suppose I have a hard decision to make.... I just hope its the right one. Wish me luck~

Oh, here's a more recent picture of him too... he's not paying any attention, my sister in law took it at a family BBQ.